Give a Gift today to support your College

Because students need your help. Most Garrett College students have high financial need and many are the first in their families to pursue higher education. Some are forced to drop out for financial reasons before completing their study, or if they do graduate, leave with substantial debt. 

Because a college education offers the chance for a better life. Graduates of Garrett College consistently outperform their peers from other Maryland community colleges when they go on to pursue four-year degrees. Many of the two-year degrees and occupational certificates allow others to enter the work force directly. National research shows consistently that the higher the level of a person’s education or training, the higher will be that person’s lifetime income and overall quality of life. And the community benefits as well: the greater the educational level of residents in a county or region, the more support there is for schools and cultural organizations and the more attractive it is to live and work there.

Because it is your college.  GC is Garrett County’s center for higher education, occupational training, and lifelong learning. Businesses benefit from workforce development programs and a technology enterprise incubator. The College works in close collaboration with Garrett County schools to enrich the educational experience for children. College facilities, including the Community Aquatics and Recreation Complex (CARC), are open to permanent and seasonal County residents as well as to visitors.